RESCULPT sends High-intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy (HIFEM) through the skin, which contracts the muscle. This creates a unique electromagnetic field that penetrates the skin to impact muscle tissue as well as fat.

These muscle contractions increase muscle mass and increases the sculpting and defining process.

The energy induces supramaximal contractions that feels like a work out at the gym! The muscle tissue is then forced to adapt by remodelling its inner structure resulting in fat reduction, sculpting, defining and muscle definition.

Fast, effective and no downtime.

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    Multiple Areas Treated in One Day

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    Earning Potential Over £200 per hour

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    Low Start Up Costs

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    Easy to operate

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    Fast Results

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    No Consumables

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    High Consumer Demand

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The benefits of choosing

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• Instant Results

• Certified Training

• More than one area can be treated in one day

• Full treatment in 30 minutes or under

• Earning potential over £200 per hour

• Treatments can be carried out twice weekly

• 4 Handpieces

• Based on 2 treatments a day in one month your machine could be fully paid in under 4 months

The benefits of choosing

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• National Celebrity Campaigns

• 12 Months Warranty

• Low Cost Finance

• Training Included

• Dedicated Business Development Manager

• Digital Marketing Support

• Social Media Advertising Course

• Red Carpet Launch Event

• Marketing / Starter Packs

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